Whether you’re an experienced diver or you’ve only just started diving, there are incredible diving locations all around the glove and 7 of the most impressive are situated in South East Asia. So, in this article we are going to list the top 7 diving spots in South East Asia that you simply cannot miss!

Diving in Myanmar (Burma)

A stunning dive site just waiting to be discovered by you. Burma is sure to satisfy the adventurer and explorer within you. Offering up a series of incredible dive sites that feature a wide range of larger than life and colourful marine life species. Whatever your dive experience looks like, diving in Burma is suitable for a variety of diving levels and accomplishments.

With more than 800 islands to explore, Myanmar’s Mergui Archipelago offers up some of the best diving in South East Asia, it really is incredible. From shark sightings, mountains that plunge to the depths of thousands of feet, reef sharks, corals, and so much more! If you want to explore a beautiful dive site unlike any other, the diving opportunities Myanmar has to offer is rapidly growing in popularity.

Diving in the Philippines

The Philippines is one of the most famous holiday destinations on the globe and offers up some pretty spectacular diving opportunities. Whatever your dive experience looks like, diving in the Philippines is sure to spoil you for any other dive location.

There are so many places in the Philippines that are perfect for diving, so you just need to choose the one that works best for you. If you’re new to diving, you might like to start with a dive in the Luzon region where a variety of WWII warships and planes can be explored at mere depths of 20 meters. You can also discover soft corals, a plethora of fish, and turtles joining you in the depths.

The Philippines is the ideal diving destination for all abilities and offers up plenty for those looking to develop their dive skills while enjoying an easy-going holiday destination that offers a wide variety of underwater life.

Diving in South Korea


South Korea is a diving destination that divers come to visit from all over the world. Some of the world’s most famous dive sites are accessible from South Korea’s major cities, including Seoul – where you can purchase dive equipment from a variety of stores.

Diving in South Korea is seasonal. The warm waters that come from the South China Sea in the summer mix with the colder currents in the winter, combining to make for some of the most unique dive experiences on the globe.

Diving in Taiwan


Diving in Taiwan offers up five major and extremely popular diving locations: Orchid Island, Dungji Island, Green Island, Kenting, and Xiao Liu Qiu. Divers can discover over 1,000 marine species and 80 species of beautiful and colourful coral. Sightings of barracuda and pelagic fish are common and some lucky divers have even spotted humpback whales and swordfish! Whichever of Taiwan’s islands you choose to dive, this amazing location is sure to steal your heart and keep you returning every year for another great diving experience.

Diving in Thailand


Thailand is famously known as “The Land of a Thousand Smiles” and for good reason! This unique country is full of culture and delicious cuisine. And when it comes to the beaches, you will discover stunning white sand, colourful coral reefs, and incredible dive experiences. These dive opportunities are so unique, offering up deep drop-offs, stunning and varied reefs, caverns and tunnels to explore, and a jaw-dropping variety of marine life.

You can see big fish up close including, manta rays, leopard sharks, ghost pipefish, frogfish, and crustaceans among the reefs. Don’t miss out on diving in this once-in-a-lifetime dive location because there is nowhere quite like it!

Diving in Vietnam


A beautiful diving experience, Vietnam offers up picture-perfect and idyllic beaches, pristine coastlines, vibrant cultural experiences, and stunning natural beauty. Vietnam is relatively new as a popular dive location, so is wonderfully unexplored. Divers can explore places that not many people have and enjoy a warm water temperatures, lush soft corals, colourful marine lift, and very exciting drift dives. The top dive sites in Vietnam include Dry Island and Nudibranch Island, these are not to be missed!

Where Will You Explore Next?

Diving offers up so many wonderful travelling opportunities. And as you’ve seen in this article, there are so many stunning locations you can visit – and we’ve only covered southeast Asia! Where will you go next? Australia, New Zealand, Spain? The options are endless!

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Let us know in the comments below one place you’ve been that you’d highly recommend and a diving spot you would love to visit!

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