The 7 Joys of Escaping to the Lake District

The Lake District is one of the most popular holiday destinations for people across the UK and one of the most beautiful. The rolling hills, stunning lakes and humble cottages attract some 15 million people every year and have been inspiring imaginations for hundreds of years.

The Lake District is such a vast area full of lakes, valleys, mountains, coastlines, towns and villages that you will feel wonderfully isolated and alone – the perfect destination for anyone longing to escape the city. Book a visit to the Lake District for a holiday break unlike any other.

Explore the Secret Valley


Rannerdale, otherwise referred to as the “Secret Valley” is home to the local legend of the ‘harrying of the North’. Legend has it that the Norman invaders were lured into Rannerdale by the local Celts and their allies, it was in the Secret Valley where the Normans were ambushed and slaughtered.

Every year since this ambush, Bluebells emerge where Norman blood was spilled and cover the floor in a sea of shimmering blue. The Secret Valley is a natural spectacle not to be missed and offers spectacular views and unforgettable walks.

Spend a Day in Ambleside


Ambleside is full of beautiful, quaint houses and shops in a small town characterised by its winding streets. It’s a beautiful place to visit with all the family and offers easy access to walks with picture-perfect views. For those of you who love visiting National Trust properties, there is one called Bridge House based in Ambleside that once housed a family with six children and gives a wonderful insight into life in the storybook village.

Kendal Castle

Kendal Castle

It doesn’t seem to matter how far you travel in the UK, or whether you visit seemingly remote areas, there always seems to be a castle or two and that is certainly true for the Lak District. During your stay in this beautiful part of the country you must pay a visit to the ruins of the historic Kendal Castle – prestigiously located at the top of a steep hill. Kendal Castle offers commanding views over the rolling hills and landscapes that stretch out for miles below it. Built in the late 12th century, the castle is a historic gem amongst the wild and untameable landscape of the Lake District.

Soak up the Views of Ullswater


Ullswater lake is surrounded by stunning mountain scenery to the south and incredible hills to the north. The second largest lake in England, it is a beautiful sight to behold and perfect for those perfect Instagram shots. You can experience Ullswater by vehicle or foot, taking in the dramatic views and soaking up the relaxing atmosphere.

Visit Grasmere


Grasmere is the picturesque village you only see in films, with cottages like Kate Winslet’s in The Holiday. However, the lovely village of Grasmere will allow you the unique opportunity to walk through a village made for the storybooks. Filled with quirky tea shops and mismatch cottages, Grasmere itself is as stunning as the mountainous scenery that surrounds it. Visit any number of the cafes and let yourself enjoy a hot beverage while enjoying the unique lake views. It is no wonder that William Wordsworth’s former home, Dove Cottage, is situated in Grasmere – the natural beauty having inspired many of his literary works. You can also visit the Wordsworth Museum and Art Gallery and even the family burial ground at St. Oswald’s Church.

Spot Peter Rabit at Tarn Hows

Peter Rabbit

The much beloved author of The Tale of Peter Rabbit, Beatrix Potter, left Tarn Hows to the National Trust when she passed away. This incredible man-made expanse of water is home to an abundance of natural wildlife and is one of the most famous lakes in the Lake District, offering the unique opportunity to discover the landscape that so inspired Beatrix Potter in the creation of her timeless stories. The calm surroundings are loved by all who visit them.

Casterligg Stone Circle

Stone Circle

Stonehenge is one of England’s most mysterious sights, but the Casterligg Stone Circle is one of the oldest. A total of 38 stones create the Casterligg Stone Circle, which was erected around 3000 BC, and it is set against a background of exceptional natural beauty – the Helvellyn and High Seat brushed with snow. Although the use of the Casterligg Stone Circle, built by Neolithic inhabitants, has been lost over time, the significance of this sight is still appreciated today. Something that has caught imaginations over the years is what may be underneath the circle. Despite research having been carried out in the area, extensive excavation has not, and nobody knows what, if anything, may be underneath the surface.

Visit the Lake District Today

The Lake District is not a weather dependant holiday destination, it is stunningly beautiful all year round. Each lake and valley is different, offering its own distinct character, plants, wildlife and views. If you haven’t visited the Lake District before, what’s stopping you? The Lake District is a holiday destination not to be missed!

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